UL Addressable Fire Detection

An Overview of Hochiki's UL Approved Addressable Fire Detection Range

Globally Proven Product Design


Hochiki's range of UL and FM approved addressable fire detection and alarm equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, offering a solution of incomparable reliability. All products use a high integrity digital communications link, Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), which utilises interrupts for fast response to fires.

Features & Benefits


Hochiki’s addressable fire detection range has a whole host of features and benefits, making it the ideal solution for a variety of environments.


False Alarm Reduction


Driven with world proven, open protocol system. The high performance chamber allows for adjustable sensitivity settings.


Fully Compliant


Compliant to world recognised standards such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and FM (Factory Mutual Laboratories).


Premium Quality


Hochiki endeavours to create high quality products to ensure long term reliability and performance.


LED Status Indicator


Each device has an LED status indicator which will illuminate green when polling, amber when isolating and red when in alarm. This helps to quickly identify short circuits.


System Tailoring


Advanced software controls within the products include variable volumes and tones that allow systems to be tailored for any environment and achieve optimum performance.




Each device has a unique type code. This allows the system to recognise what device type the alarm has been generated from. The DCP protocol can support 240 different type codes.

Diverse range of products


The Hochiki UL and FM-approved portfolio of Analogue Addressable products offers the installer and system designer flexibility and reliability and are supported, through the world proven DCP protocol, by the FireNET range of Hochiki fire control panels, including L@titude.

Addressable Sensors


The Hochiki range of sensors offers smoke, heat, multi (smoke/heat) and CO multi (smoke/heat/CO) detection in a standard housing with one common, electronics-free standard mounting base, making installation quick and simple. Polling LEDs provide a 360 degree indication of an alarm condition.

Mounting Bases


Two sizes of the standard mounting base are available, as well as two sizes of a short—circuit isolating base.



The extensive Hochiki I/O Module range provides a wealth of solutions for interfacing and controlling third-party equipment, sounder devices and conventional devices.

Pull Stations


These products provide a fast and practical means of manually initiating a fire alarm signal. Both single action and dual action manual pull stations are available.



Hochiki’s extensive range of UL approved audio/visual products are designed to provide a wide selection of audible alarms and visual indications of a fire alarm activation, to suit many different types of environment. The range includes bells, horns, strobes and speakers


Digital Analog Multi-Criteria Sensor

ACC-V Multi-Criteria Sensor is particularly suited for detecting smoke produced by a wide range of combustibles found in various applications.

View ACC-V 


Multi-Criteria Sensor

ACD-V Multi-Criteria Sensor is particularly suited for detecting smoke produced by the wide range of combustibles found in various applications.

View ACD-V


Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

ALN-V Photoelectric Smoke Sensor is particularly suited to detecting optically dense smoke typical of fires involving materials such as soft furnishings, plastic, foam, or other similar materials that tend to smolder and produce large visible smoke particles.

View ALN-V


Fixed Temperature / Fixed Rate of Rise Heat Sensor

ATJ-EA Fixed Temperature / Rate of Rise sensors provide accurate temperature measurement data to the fire alarm control panel. 

View ATJ-EA 


Analog Sensor Bases

YBN-NSA-4 and the HSB-NSA-6 mounting bases are electronics-free and contain a simple rugged design with screw terminals for wiring connections. 

View YBN-NSA-4 & HSB-NSA-6


Digital Analog Sounder Base

ASB Digital analog Sounder Base is designed or use with Hochiki digital-analog sensors ALG-V, ALK-V, ACA-V, AIE-EA, and ATG-EA. Each addressable base is to be connected to a Hochiki America Corporation DCP Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).

View ASB


Low Frequency Sounder Base

ASBL Low-Frequency Sounder Base is designed for use with the Hochiki Addressable Sensors. Each base is to be connected to the Hochiki State-of-the-Art Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).

View ASBL 


Addressable Duct Smoke Detector

DH-100-A Analog Duct Smoke Detector provides early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. 

View DH-100-A 


Dual Input Monitor Module

Dual Input Monitor Module (DIMM) is designed for use on a UL-listed Fire Alarm Control Panel. It provides two independent contact monitoring circuits while only utilizing one address on the SLC loop.

View DIMM 


Conventional Zone Module

Conventional Zone Module (DCP-CZM) is designed for use on an analog addressable Fire Alarm system. Up to 127 devices can be placed on a single SLC loop.



Fast Response Contact Monitoring Module

FRCMA/-I Fast Response Contact Monitoring Modules are designed to be used with pull stations, water flow switches, and other applications requiring the monitoring of dry contact alarm initiating devices.



Dual Relay Module

Dual Relay Modules (R2ML/H Series) have been designed to provide flexible and quick responses to emergency conditions. 



Supervised Output Module

Class A Supervised Output Modules (DCP-SOM-A & SOM-AI) have been designed to provide application flexibility and quick response to emergency conditions.


DCP-AMS Series

Addressable Manual Pull Stations

DCP-AMS Series are the Hochiki America series of addressable manual pull stations that provide a fast and practical means of manually initiating a fire alarm signal. 

View DCP-AMS Series 

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