ALN-V | Hochiki's UL Approved Fire Detection

Photoelectric Smoke Sensor | UL Addressable Fire Detection

ALN-V Description 


ALN-V, a Photoelectric Smoke Sensor ithat s particularly suited to detecting optically dense smoke typical of fires involving materials such as soft furnishings, plastic, foam, or other similar materials that tend to smolder and produce large visible smoke particles.


Hochiki's unique design allows fast response to flaming fires as well as smoldering fires while preventing false alarms.

ALN-V Features & Specifications 


- Low profile - only 2.00" high, including base

- Simple and reliable device addressing

- Automatic compensation for sensor contamination

- Built-in fire test feature

- Uses the noise-immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires


Operating Voltage: 24 - 41 VDC
Standby Current: 450μA
Alarm Current: 540μA
Transmission Method: DCP - Digital Communication Protocol
Maximum Humidity: 95% RH Non-Condensing

Air Velocity Range: 0-4000 fpm
Color & Case Material: Bone - ABS Blend
Weight: 3.4oz


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