An Overview of Hochiki's Intelligent Fire Alarm Network System (Japanese Addressable Type Control Panel)

Intelligent Fire Alarm Network System


HRN – The latest intelligent Fire Alarm System of HOCHIKI CORPORATION; this is considered to be the successor of the HRK system. Using the most advanced technology in the Fire Detection Industry, the user friendly system design ensured users receive accurate and important information.

Features & Benefits


Hochiki’s Intelligent HRN range has a whole host of features and benefits, making it the ideal solution for a variety of environments.


Network Function (Node to Node)


Supports various kinds of network connections/ function using RS-485 communication protocol.


User Friendly Indication Panel


Clear display and user-friendly. The display and operation area features easily to visible, colors and big buttons for easy operation. “User-friendliness” is the key idea here.


AI Function


HRN have the smoke density or temperature reading estimate function to adjust sensor’s time delay intervals automatically. New function to avoid the false alarm by smoke analog sensor


Temperature and smoke density graphic display


HRN can display the temperature reading or smoke density of sensor at present or history in a month.


Flexible system configuration


The HRN system can be easily configured to suit any installation giving the system designer complete flexibility.

Diverse range of products


The HRN range of supporting products offers the installer complete flexibility when designing fire detection and life safety systems.


Analogue Addressable Sensors


There are a wide array of detectors available on the market to choose but we have the best addressable detection which incorporates a thermal element and High Performance photoelectric smoke chamber (Structured insect mesh).



The system’s flexible setup allows various combinations of terminal devices via the use of various modules. For example, to install a conventional detector, use the multi-line modules or monitor modules which allows the connection of 1 address and 4 lines. This arrangement provides the building with a delicate system

Manual Call Point


These call points feature a non-frangible (non-shatter) element which when activated identifies its location at the panel.

Addressable Bases


Common mounting base and suitable for any HRN analogue/addressable sensor with various type of terminal such as screw-clamp terminals or insert terminal.

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