Important Notices - Hochiki Asia Pacific

Counterfeit and similar products have been reported in Vietnam. Please take note that the model: SOC-24VN which was branded with our Hochiki brand was sold in various forms in the country.


Although the shape and outlook of these counterfeit detectors look very similar to our original Hochiki Brand product, the quality varies a lot:


  • The counterfeit detector is prone to false alarms after installations and during operations.


  • The counterfeit detector is not tested/certified in quality; leading to malfunction in a short period of time.


The above matter affects very seriously to fire alarm system, human and building safety, and even to our official Hochiki distributors and Hochiki Brand image in Vietnam also Global market.


Currently, we have some countermeasures such as:


  • Hochiki Asia Pacific is cooperating with Vietnam Fire Police Department and some other Vietnam government agencies to report and seek for their support to fight against counterfeit product supplier


  • We recommend Vietnam clients to source our Hochiki products through official trusted distribution channels.


  • For commercial CO (Country of Origin) document of all shipments that we supply to Vietnam, we already put Serial# of SOC-24VN detector, also our Hochiki Ho Chi Minh Representative contact. Users can refer to the above and contact our Vietnam Ho Chi Minh office to verify if you think you are encountering a suspected counterfeit product. We are very willing to assist with your request anytime.


In Vietnam, Hochiki Asia Pacific and Hochiki Group have only ONE office with the address and contact as below:


Hochiki Ho Chi Minh Representative Office:

2nd Floor, VIPD Building, No. 4, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Da Kao Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Tel: +84 28 3636 6806


Kindly note that at this moment, our Hochiki Ho Chi Minh office is the only Representative office to support our Vietnam distributors and their clients. This office is not able to do ANY commercial sales activities.