Importance Of Fire Detection (Healthcare Industry)

Healthcare premises see loads of visitors daily. Therefore, fire safety is a topic that must be taken seriously in the healthcare industry.

The Importance Of Fire Detection In The Healthcare Industry 


Fire hazards could exist in all types of building premises and business environments. Fire safety must be one of the priorities for the building owners and management.

Healthcare premises such as hospitals, medical clinics, care facilities, and nursing homes see loads of visitors daily. Some of them might have physical or mental disabilities that limit their movements or senses. If a fire occurs, they might not be responsive to the warnings or signs to evacuate in safe order. Unfamiliar with the building layouts will require further assistance and could cause further delays to the evacuating process, this could result in the suffering of injuries from burns and smoke inhalation.

Therefore, fire safety is a topic that cannot be compromised and must be taken seriously for the healthcare industry.


Fires in healthcare premises are often caused by the following: 


• Malfunction of electrical equipment / overloaded electrical sockets & cables

• Open flames, flammable cooking oil/fat in the kitchen

• Cigarette smoke

• Obstruction of fire exits

• Specialized medical equipment which contains flammable liquids or ignition ability


Past incidents of hospital fires: 


1) Fire at a hospital in Russia

2) Fire at a hospital in Bangladesh

3) Fire at a hospital in Malaysia

4) Fire at a hospital in Singapore



Fire detection & alarm systems provide early fire detection, warnings and allow building occupants to have longer escape time to evacuate from the buildings. Depending on the setup of the fire detection & alarm systems, some systems will pinpoint the exact location of where the fire is detected, allowing the responders to head straight for investigation.


Our L@titude product range of fire alarm control equipment is available in either EN & UL. Our L@titude product range combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system, which is powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand. It can be configured to realize much other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

An added advantage would be integrating audible/visual notification devices into our L@titude system for a hospital. When a fire is detected, the audible/visual devices will be activated to warn and notify those with hearing or visual disabilities.

It's an excellent fit for the healthcare industry as on a large public site, no situation requires a more urgent response than a fire event. When combined with L@ti-view, the system gives building managers complete monitoring and control over fire detection, providing a comprehensive fire risk and incident management system.


FireNET L@titude (UL)


1) FireNET L@titude Panel (Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel)

2) L@ti-View  (L@ti-View Graphics Application)

3) ACD-V (Multi-Criteria Sensor)

4) ASBL (Low Frequency Sounder Base)

5) DCP-AMS (Addressable Manual Pull Stations)



L@titude (EN)


1) L@titude Panel (Analogue Addressable Control Panel)

2) L@titude Repeater (Configurable Fire Alarm Repeater Solution)

3) ACD-EN (Multi-Sensor with CO Detection)

4) CHQ-AB (Analogue Addressable Loop-Powered Beacons)

5) CHQ-WS2 (Analogue Wall Sounder)



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