Official release of Hochiki L@ti-View

We are thrilled to announce the official release of Hochiki L@ti-View!

L@ti-View Promo Poster


We are thrilled to announce the official release of Hochiki L@ti-View!


L@ti-View is a powerful and sophisticated PC-based software application that allows building managers to graphically monitor their fire system and control the system via the intuitive user interface.


It enables the creation of a 2D map of any site or building to monitor fire safety and detection and reports any configuration errors, ensuring that the graphic systems are maintained and updated whenever the panel configuration is revised.


When a fire device has been activated, the view will automatically switch to that particular area to allow immediate viewing and investigation.


Visual Fire Management -

With the ability to automatically switch to the area on the site map to where a fire device has been activated, it provides a full capability to monitor a Fire Alarm System for faults and alarms and allows the operator to easily manage a fire incident.


Immediate Response -

With L@ti-View, operators and users are alerted to an event as soon as it occurs and is directed to the location of the event.


Fire System Maintenance -

A maintainer's area provides dedicated functions for a fire alarm system's maintenance team. The maintainer's log shows operators and engineers a view of all recorded maintenance activities, previous faults, and status histories to help speed up maintenance procedures and device checks.


Flexibility -

L@ti-view enables permissions to be given to users. User accounts can be configured to suit the site requirements.




L@ti-View works with Hochiki FireNET L@titude and FireNET Plus panels

• Reports configuration mismatch errors - ensuring that the graphics system is properly maintained and updated whenever there are any panel configuration revisions

• Manage the state of the fire system using a combination of graphical images and system controls

• Perform device and zone disablements/enablements

• Dual screen support for clarity


Download L@ti-View datasheet