SOE-24V | Hochiki's UL Approved Fire Detection

Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector | UL Conventional Fire Detection

SOE-24V Description 


SOE-24V (UL 268 7th edition listed) is the newly developed multi-spectrum smoke categorization technology that detects smoldering and flaming fires fueled by traditional materials and polyurethane while reducing nuisance alarms.


It is a reliable, high-quality multi-criteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector and can be used in all open areas where Photoelectric Smoke Detectors are required.

SOE-24V Features & Specifications


- Optimized reduction to false alarms and enhanced reaction time to real fire

- High signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity stability effective in a wide range of environmental conditions

- Wide viewing angle alarm indicators

- Automatic drift compensation and maintenance indication

- Built-in magnetic test feature


Operating Voltage Range: 8-35VDC

Absolute Max Voltage: 42VDC

Maximum Voltage Ripple: 8200mVAC

Standby Current: 59µA

Minimum Allowable Alarm Current: 5mA

Maximum Allowable Alarm Current: 150mA


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