World Economy Is Experiencing A Slowdown

World Economy has been experiencing a slowdown. Manufacturing sectors have been suffering from a toll due to labor shortages and supply chain delays. Average delivery times have increased as many struggles with committing to original delivery schedules.


The world economy is experiencing a slowdown.

It's not only the stock markets that have been hit. World consumption has also plummeted. Large New Year's events were canceled; tourist attractions, cinemas, etc… were affected since.

The travel industry has also been badly affected. Several countries issued travel warnings to postpone travel abroad and prohibit domestic travel groups. Some factories, offices, and stores have been temporarily shuttered. Additionally, oil refineries also cut production due to shrinking fuel demand. Similarities on economic activity — purchases from factories are likely to be postponed or rather canceled altogether.

Labour shortage and supply chain delays are causing a toll on manufacturing sectors. Travel restrictions and quarantine enforcement were the roots of many factory temporary closures. Many factories are struggling to stick to original delivery schedules; average delivery times for goods have increased.

ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia are some of the countries that are affected. Due to longer delivery times, companies are facing disruptions to their businesses.

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