Vizulinx's new product features and major improvements

The latest update from Vizulinx's firmware offers new features and major improvements in the product's capabilities and user-friendly interface and performance.

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Vizulinx is an alarm management solution that enables you to monitor your fire systems remotely.


Highly configurable using an embedded web server and EZ configuration wizard Vizulinx provides a whole range of options for remote monitoring and system integration of our fire alarm systems.


SMS text messaging can be provided using LAN or USB GSM connectivity. E-mail messaging can be provided using LAN or USB GSM/Wi-Fi connectivity. Both communication methods can provide immediate notification to managers, staff, maintenance, and service engineers of a change in panel status i.e. alarm, fault, etc. wherever they are. Earlier notification enables a more effective response which can reduce system downtime and improve false alarm management.


New Features:


BACnet IP Support –


Vizulinx provides a simple to configure BACnet IP interface for our systems allowing integration with a network of other BACnet devices.


500 object IDs are provided as standard within the Vizulinx unit and the number of object IDs can be increased by the purchase of a BACnet upgrade license. An additional 500 object IDs are provided with each license purchased.


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• Monitor fire alarm activity on your workstation or device
• Receive alerts by email, SMS, or pager
• Compatible with Modbus & BACnet protocols
• Configuration through the embedded web server
• Quick setup, user-friendly operation
• A convenient and cost-effective solution


Should you require any further information on the firmware update, please contact us at Our sales/technical representative will get in contact with you to provide support.


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