New Facebook Group Under Hochiki Asia Pacific

We are excited to share our newly created Facebook Group for Hochiki Asia Pacific. This group is created and managed by Hochiki Asia Pacific.

Hochiki Asia Pacific Facebook Group


We are excited to share our newly created Facebook Group for Hochiki Asia Pacific. This group is created and managed by Hochiki Asia Pacific.


Anyone interested in Hochiki is welcome to join and post in this group. This group also supports the following languages: Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Bangla, and Tagalog.


Our objective is to create an innovative platform to provide a better understanding of Hochiki and our products. Sharing of user experiences and raising questions on our products are highly encouraged. We hope that users can find solutions to the technical issues they might be facing through active discussions with one another.  


We understand that sometimes you might need technical assistance for the issues you are facing. However, our Facebook Group is not a platform intended for full technical support. For professional technical support: please always contact us at


We would love to invite you to join our Facebook Group: Fire Alarm & Detection Systems - Hochiki Asia Pacific


Please be reminded that there are a few group rules to follow. 


Do not be shy: 

We hope everyone will be enthusiastic in sharing their user experiences, raising questions that they have, and engaging in discussions on topics relevant to Hochiki.


No hate speech:

Our focus is to educate group members about Hochiki in this group. But, we know Hochiki might not be your preferred brand. We accept criticisms and will work to improve on our brand and products. However, please refrain from leaving any degrading comments on our brand or any other brands. 


Respect copyrights and privacy:

If you need any credentials from Hochiki, please contact us directly to retrieve the information. Do not request or share any confidential & sensitive details to avoid any licensing infringement. 


No advertising or spamming:

The purpose of this group is to provide a better understanding of Hochiki's products. Hence, no advertising and spamming of other products are allowed. We will remove any posts that are deemed irrelevant to keep all content strictly related to the Hochiki brand. 


Should you have any questions, please contact us directly at


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