New Chat Feature for Hochiki Asia Pacific Website

The latest feature on the Hochiki Asia Pacific website is an online chatbot. We will be online during our working hours to provide real-time assistance.

New Chatbox on Hochiki Asia Pacific Website


We are excited to share the implementation of a new feature to our Hochiki Asia Pacific website; New Chat Function.


Although we are working all year-round to ensure that our website stays informative, there are still times you might require some assistance to get the information that you need or to get in contact with us directly. In urgent times like these, we understand that instant responses to your inquiries are vital.


Hence, this chatbot serves as another alternative platform for you to get in direct contact with us. The chatbot will be online during our working hours (9-5.30pm GMT+8). (we are also offline on public holidays and weekends)


Please note that we will be offline during lunch hour (12-1 pm). During this period, our team might not be available to provide a real-time response to your inquiry.


Kindly be reminded to provide us with your contact details (name, email address, country) when reaching out to us through the online chatbot. If we had missed your chat, we will be contacting you through email for a follow-up session. *If no contact details are provided, we encourage you to re-check the chatbot on our website for our replies.


During the period when the chatbot is offline, you can fill out the "contact form" on our contact page or drop us an email at


If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us. We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience on our website.


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