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L@titude (2-8 Loop) Description 


The all-new L@titude product range of fire alarm control equipment combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system, which is powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand.


The flexibility of the L@titude platform is such that it can be re-configured to realize many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

L@titude (2-8 Loop) Features & Specifications 


- Compliant with EN54-2, EN54-4

- 2 to 8 loop or 2 to 16 loop versions

- 500mA loop current

- 4 programmable sounder circuits each rated at 2.5 A

- 5.25 A or 10.25 A, power supply options


Size Standard: 420mm (W) x 590mm (H) x 150mm (D)
Size Deep: 420mm (W) x 590mm (H) x 195mm (D)
Construction: 1.5mm mild sheet steel
Cable entry: 28 knockouts top, 18 knockouts back, 1 knockout each side
Battery Capacity: Up to 18 Ah

Software zones: 2000
Software groups: 5000
Event log: 10,000 events, 1-second resolution. Filterable and printable
Detection loops: 2 to 16 added 2 at a time (K758 dual loop cards)


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