DRD-E | Hochiki's EN Approved Fire Detection

Conventional Flame Detector | CDX Conventional

DRD-E Description 


DRD-E is a flame detector designed for internal use to detect large flames. The detector fits any of the CDX range of mounting bases. The detection zone is a 90° cone and the detection range is up to and including 25 m.

DRD-E Features & Specifications


- Class 1 performance as defined in BS EN54-10:2002 (range up to 25 m)

- Single IR technology

- Robust and slim design

- Low current consumption

- Approved by LPCB & VdS


Ordering codes: DRD-E
Operating voltage: 15 – 30 VDC
Current consumption @ 24 VDC: Quiescent 70 μA / Alarm 40 mA
Surge current: 320 µA
Minimum alarm trip current: 6 mA
IP rating: IP42
Classification: Class 1 EN54-10:2002


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