DCD-AE3 | Hochiki's EN Approved Fire Detection

Conventional Combined Rate of Rise & Fixed Temperature Heat Detector (60°C) | CDX Conventional

DCD-AE3 Description 


DCD-AE3 is a Rate of Rise Heat Detector with a 60°C fixed temperature element using a thermistor and linearising circuit to provide an accurate linear response Heat Detector.


DCD-AE3 is ideal for use where medium ambient temperatures exist, such as drying rooms or where Smoke Detectors are unsuitable because of the presence of steam or cooking fumes such as in a kitchen.


DCD-AE3 is supported by a range of bases for different applications and these are supported on the majority of conventional systems. A third terminal provides remote indicator output.

DCD-AE3 Features & Specifications 


- Electronic linear heat detection

- Remote Indicator output

- Wide voltage range (9.5 ~ 30 V dc)

- Twin fire LEDs allow 360 viewing

- Approved by LPCB & VdS


Ordering codes: DCD-AE3 - Ivory | DCD-AE3(WHT) - White
Operating voltage: 9.5 – 30 VDC
Quiescent current: 35 µA
Maximum current in alarm (typical): 40 mA
Remote indicator drive: 20 mA (max) / 9.5-14 mA (typ)
IP rating: IP63
Maximum humidity: 95% RH - Non condensing (at 40°C)


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