CHQ-SZM2(SCI) | Hochiki's EN Approved Fire Detection

Analogue Single Zone Module | ESPintelligent

CHQ-SZM2(SCI) Description 


CHQ-SZM2(SCI) is a Single Zone Monitor designed to allow up to 6 conventional detectors to be interfaced to Hochiki’s ESP analogue addressable system. The unit is also available as a DIN Rail mountable version; with or without an integral short-circuit isolator. The CHQ-SZM2(SCI) utilizes simple DIL switches for reliable addressing. A back box is also available (CHQBACKBOX) which, when used in conjunction with the CHQ-SZM(SCI), increases the IP rating to IP65.

CHQ-SZM2(SCI) Features & Specifications


- Loop powered

- Up to 6 Conventional Detectors

- Remote LED output

- Fully monitored for short and open circuit faults

- Both models approved by LPCB & VdS


Ordering codes: CHQ-SZM2(SCI) (module with SCI) | CHQ-SZM2/DIN(SCI) (DIN module with SCI)
Operating voltage: 17 - 41 V dc
Quiescent current: 260 μA
Current consumption: 22 mA + 20 % (polling)
Current in short-circuit: 8 mA
Maximum short-circuit current (Loop):1 A


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