Hochiki Asia Pacific Team Bonding - December 2019

Our yearly team-bonding event was held on 13 December 2019. All staff and management had the opportunity to team up with different departments as we engage in a variety of group activities.


This year our annual team bonding session was carried out on 13 December 2019.


Before the team bonding session begins, we had an early Christmas celebration in the office. Everyone enjoyed the widespread of tasty dishes such as Christmas Ham and Log Cake. During lunch, everyone was sorted into different teams.


For this year's session, we had a total of 3 teams; Team Heat, Team Flame, and Team Smoke. Every team is made up of members from different departments to encourage communication and create opportunities for different departments to collaborate with each other.


We were brought back to childhood as we played some of the popular games that we used to play when we were younger. The only difference, the size of the games was much bigger than the usual version. The chosen games were Giant Jenga and Giant Pick-Up Sticks.


2nd game was Saber Tag: each team had to "attack" the opposing team with the aim of knocking off ping pong balls that were attached to our chest and back. Everyone in the team had to choose a number ranging from 1-5 and for each round, a different number will be called up and the member from each team had to face each other in a "fight". Although it's an individual match, in the beginning, this requires team effort as the remaining members had to work together to eliminate the opposing team.


The last game was Pool Ball, a twisted version of Pool where we had to shoot either solid or stripes into the pockets by using our legs. This game requires communication between members to come up with different strategies to win against the opposing team.


Lastly, after all the games, it was time for the Prize Presentation by our President, Mr. Jun Tamura. Congrats to Team Smoke for winning first place! Everyone's a winner on that day!


It was a fun-filled day for everyone and we look forward to the next Team Bonding session.